Thursday, October 03, 2013

Sweet Dreams

I've never really posted photos of the decor in my bedroom, mostly because it never really photographed well. It took me forever to find the right things for the room, but I've finally made it a place I like to be in.

Throw blankets and light colors make this a place I definitely want to curl up and read in.

A lidded vase with dried leaves and nuts instantly brings autumn inside in an 'unforced', authentic way.

A photo collage of our camping trip to Sugar Lake this summer hangs straight across from the bed. This was a blank spot in the room for a long time, it's such a large stretch of blank wall and I wanted what went there to have meaning. After all, it's the first place I generally look when I wake up! Now when I get out of bed, I'm reminded of how peaceful and tranquil I felt on that trip, and it helps me start the day in a relaxed and happy mood.

When I saw these shelves, I instantly knew they would go perfectly here.

A conch shell my sister brought back from Mexico adds interest to this spot for me.

My main rules for bedroom decorating are:

1. No TV in the bedroom! This is a place for relaxation and sleep.

2. No clutter. Get a nightstand with drawers or shelves (for a pretty bowl/basket) to keep the odds and ends in.

3. No hair spraying/make-uping in here. Keep that in the bathroom and you will also keep the smells and film/powder residue in there.

What makes your room special to you?

Love, Jamie


Laurie Romain said...

Absolutely Beautiful! You are definitely going to be my decorator for my new apartment! You sure did not get this talent from me, Love you, Mom xoxoxo

Carly said...

This really does look so relaxing! Love the picture wall!