Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Dining!

Yesterday Danielle, Tristan and I had a lovely Easter dinner. I of course went over the top with the decorating! Let's go!

It almost looks like a tea party doesn't it?

There was way more candy than this! I forgot to take pictures but we had mini eggs, some taffy and things all over the coffee table (as well as summer sausage, cheese and pickles - something that used to be at all our family gatherings as kids).


These water glasses (they look like wine glasses but the box says 'water glasses' - I know nothing about this kind of thing!) are sooo lovely, they were $6 for a set of six where I work, and they were all different colors; dark blue, light blue, green, yellow, orange and pink.

I wanted tulips but Safeway was all out, so we got these instead. I think I like them more than I would have liked tulips!

Little birds nests and Easter confetti dressed up the piece of mirror :)

And since there was originally supposed to be more people eating with us, we bought a TON of food. I meant to make less but I'm used to feeding Tristan (who can eat the whole world and not gain a pound - I look at a donut and my thighs widen), so I made way too much food! Danielle and I also went over to Safeway and got a ready to serve chicken as well as the flowers for the table and some other snacks. We munched all day and watched movies, then sat down to this feast:

A pre-made chicken can look so fancy with some rosemary and lemons. I'm a big fan of finding time-saving options.

My new serving dish as well as some oldie but goodies :)

I love devilled eggs. Very much.

The gravy boat I was super anxious to use was perfect for the table setting!

A silk napkin in a basket makes buns looks nicer than on a plate!

My fantastic new plates were PERFECT for this occasion. 

All in all, it was divine. How was your Easter? :)

Love, Jamie

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Carly said...

This is so nice. I love all of the colors, and little touches:) I ended up roasting two turkey's for about 14 people, busy but fun!