Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Colors and Scents

When it comes to making my home my favorite place to be, one of the most important things (to me anyway) is making it smell good. Let's start with candles shall we? Usually I go for light fragrances like vanilla and gardenia, but lately I've been trying out new scents (this might be because I've been craving some color and I'm really digging the earthy colors I keep seeing on shelves lately!). Here we go:

Usually I don't buy spice scented candles (unless it's cinnamon at Christmastime), but this sage scented candle smelled so good (and was really pretty), I had to get it for my kitchen. The kitchen isn't the first place you'd think of when lighting candles, so I like the unpexpectedness as well.

Tristan bought this fig-scented candle for my birthday (he set up a treasure hunt around our house and this was my favorite find), and woooow does it ever smell amazing. So amazing that I bought a package of the votive size, as seen in the next picture:


I ran out of hand soap in the bathroom ages ago and was using dishsoap (shame on me, in my defense it was that sunlight skin softening one!), so when I was at Winners this weekend I decided to remedy this. This scent is nectarine red currant. I love buying hand soap at Homesense/Winners, they always have something interesting that I've never seen before, with unusual fragrances. And bonus, it's real eye candy for the bathroom counter! I don't settle for Softsoap around this house.


Here is the real inspiration for this post. A long time ago I was using this body spray (Victoria's Secret Pure Seduction), but then it stopped being sold in Canada. Luckily La Senza started selling the exact same fragrance in their own packaging, so I was set. Then that got discontinued. Sooo I had to cave and order the real stuff off the Victoria's Secret website, but unfortunately the spray is on backorder till May. I have to settle for the body wash and lotion for awhile. The scent is red plum freesia by the way.

And so ends our scent tour for now! What are some of your favorite smells?

Love, Jamie

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Hildagarde Carbon said...

Haha! I also go for vanilla, but usually in tandem with lavender. Most of the time it’d be my bathroom or my bedroom that will have a bathroom scent, but sometimes I’d place one in my kitchen too, especially when I leave my dinner to burn, which happens more often than not, although it does little to serve its purpose. Haha! Even when already drowning in lavender scents, my kids can still smell the ashen corpse of the dinner that was supposed to be.

Hildagarde Carbon