Friday, March 23, 2012

Blue Spring

A couple posts ago, I mentioned my kitchen was looking very crappy. I was not into it at all. So, in an attempt to brighten it up for spring, I bought some new kitchen items courtesy of the dollar store. They are very spring-esque; a lot of blue, green and white (have I mentioned that those are usually my fail-safe colors?). And everything came to about $25 bucks! Can't complain about that! Here we go:

Dollar Store; $6

An adorable new glass pitcher. It comes with a plastic lid as well, which was a big selling point for me. I love glass pitchers but hate the idea of putting them in the fridge uncovered. Last thing I want is to pour a glass of iced tea and have it tasting like onion or garlic. I used to have my grandma's old one which was vintage and GORGEOUS. Sadly, while Tristan and I were hanging a mirror at our old place, we were dumb and didn't think to take a shelf off the wall before hammering. Down went my crystal candlesticks (they have since been replaced), crashing into the jug which was holding some flowers at the time. That could not be replaced. You can only imagine how crazy I went. 

No pitcher will ever replace the old one but atleast my iced tea can look stylish in this one!

In case you wanted to see the tablecloth in full:

This was a purchase at Superstore a couple of summers ago. Love it in spring and summer :)

I was in the market for a new gravy boat, I only had my grandma's old Royal Doulton (Countess edition), which is pretty small and doesn't hold a lot of gravy. I'm also always worried about breaking it. Don't need to worry anymore, this one was only $5! Well, if it did break I'd be pretty sad because it was the last one left, and was EXACTLY what I wanted.

Some bright new utensils (and yes, Tristan has already stated he will not be using these haha).

Also, here's the kitchen shelf looking spring-esque, holding all my favorite spring/summer serving dishes:

How cute is that coffee can holding the peonies?

That wall definitely needs a little picture or something!

I've said it before, but I LOVE these plates!

Feeling the spring?

Love, Jamie


Tova said...

I WANT that table cloth. Still on the look out for nice table cloths that work in my kitchen. NEED TO SHOP WITH YOU!

Carly said...

I love the new purchases, and that table cloth is the best ever! I bought Nikki the cutest salt and pepper shakers for Christmas, I am going to get her to take a pic and send them to you, because I think you will love them! Do you make your own iced tea? I am always looking for great homemade iced tea recipes. :)

Polished said...

I don't make my own iced tea, but I've always wanted to try! If I come across any good recipes I'll send them your way (btw LOVE the bird s&p shakers!). And Tova, I miss shopping with you too! I need to get up there so we can hit Ikea and Homesense HARD.