Saturday, December 03, 2011

Tealight Central

I've been noticing a recurring item in my home lately, and it's right in the title of this post. I love tealights, especially the fancier ones shaped like flowers, adorned with glitter, etc. I also love holders for basic tealights, as I never burn the fancy ones (how sad would a glittery flower look melting in on itself? Not exactly the atmosphere I go for). Here are some from my vast collection:

My Oma gave me a set of these years ago, and I only bring them out at Christmastime. They're very poinsettia-esque in my opinion.

I have two of these, and they were in my stocking last year (thanks Sue!). I love keeping them on the coffee table.

I bought these at a Homesense a couple of years ago ($5.99 for 6 I believe?). Again, glitter!

Even though this holder is kind of holiday looking, I always keep it out. I got it for $2.99 on sale at Pharmasave. It was always in the living room, but just recently when I was making over the main bathroom, I thought it would be perfect with the dark brown towels and bath mat.

And lastly, these beauties. I found them in a shop in Vancouver earlier this year, when I was going for an earthy vibe. That vibe didn't last long though (I think my overall style is very classic and crisp), so they currently do not have a home in the house. Hopefully I will find a suitable place for them soon, I do like them alot!

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Love, Jamie

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