Monday, December 05, 2011

Holiday Link Party: Table Decor

I came across a 'Holiday Link Party' on a blog last night, and decided to share a few photos. I'd never heard of one before, but this one was for table settings, and I looove table decor, so I thought I'd give it a go.  I honestly just threw this together. I used only items I already had around my house. Christmas doesn't have to cost a lot! So here we are:

I went for a traditional glamorous look, with crystal, mirrors, and natural items (cranberries, pinecones, scented nuts).

These are the same cranberries I used in a previous post, I just love them. I like that they take up visual space but you can still see the person sitting across from you. I used river rocks and styrofoam balls coated in shimmer for inside the glass vase. They go quite nicely with the jars I filled with scented nuts and places around the table. You've probably noticed I adore using jars filled with pretty items!

For reasons only a decor blogger would understand, I placed a few beautiful items on each plate. If I were actually hosting a party, I would place little satin bags next to each plate so my guests could take these items home as a souvenir. You can also put a little place card between them.

I used plain white linen napkins, tucked them into a tumbler and garnished with a few cranberries (have I mentioned how much I LOVE red and white? :)). Not many people use coasters at the dining table, but I like the 'polished' look I achieved with it ;)

So, all in all, a super easy setting to put together, and your guests will love it! 

Thanks for popping over! Here is the link to the party!

Holiday Home Link Party: Tablescapes For Christmas

Love, Jamie

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