Monday, December 12, 2011

Decorating with the Family

I haven't posted in awhile (sorry about that!), and I was starting to get itchy to write, when, luckily, material for a blog post came up last night. Sue asked Michelle and I to come over and help her decorate the tree, as well as dress her brand new table (she gave me her old one - future posts on that coming up!) that she waited TWO months for! Ridiculous company. She saw my post on table decor and loved it, so she asked me to do it this year :) Before I show you that, here are a couple pictures I took around her house (she always has the most beautiful items, very crafty stuff!).

I love this raspberry and rose branch, I gave it to her years ago and it is impossible to find now! I can't even find any online! She found some with just raspberries this year, so I may have to hunt some down and toy with them a bit for myself!

Michelle made these for an art project and ended up not needing them, so she gave them to Sue who did this with them! I love how the lights make them look. I have some store bought balls like this, but I think I'm going to need to make some of my own one day. Apparently it's just soaking string in glue, wrapping around a balloon, waiting for it to dry, then popping the balloon! A lot like paper mache. Easy yet creative stuff.

So, here is the table on it's own:

It's such a beautiful set, I'm so jealous! It matches her house perfectly as well.

Here it is :) much like my table at home.

How adorable is that tea light holder? I want!

And, just for table staging sake, these pretty gold ornaments. I love the mix of blue and gold in this picture.

As for the tree, you will see it most likely when I post pictures of Christmas morning!

Do you have any decorating traditions with your family?

Love, Jamie

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