Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas Party Touches

My friend Kayla is hosting a Christmas Eve party for her friends this year (I've mentioned before she's teaching in Korea), and she asked me for a few ideas to add a little festivity to her place. She's not really crazy into the whole Christmas decorating thing, so I came up with a few easy ideas (nothing over-the-top) that you can do with the things you probably already have around your home :)

1. Add a little something 'extra' to the treats you put out by placing a paper snowflake on the plate.

2. Not only does adding curling ribbon to champagne glasses add some cheer, it's also functional! Use a bunch of colors; that way your guests will remember which glass is theirs when they set it down. This is also cheaper than buying wine charms.

3. Use red and green peppers to hold dips. Quirky and colorful! These also work in summer, just use yellow and orange as well!

4. Toss some cranberries into your ice cube trays. Cranberries or torn mint leaves (make sure you tear them to release the flavor as the ice melts) are nicest in the winter, while you could use all different kinds of fruit in the summer; strawberries, pineapple, raspberries etc.

5. Tape paper snowflakes inside your lampshades. The look is subtle but so lovely!

I hope some of these work for you Kayla!

Love, Jamie

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