Thursday, November 03, 2011

Fall Touches

Now that we're transitioning from fall to winter, I FINALLY got some inspiration to write a post. A few days ago, Tristan and I picked up some pine cones and maple leaves on our walk home, and as the leaves dried I thought they looked even prettier than when they were fresh. They made for very cheap, seasonal decor. Keyword being 'cheap' :) Here are some photos:

The candlestick holders were from Homesense (you can almost always find beautiful ones there for $12.99-$19.99), as were the golden pears ($12.99). The little white bird was a dollar store find for $2.99. Who says getting in the holiday spirit has to empty your wallet?

The silk hydrangeas here were a birthday gift from my sister, I believe they were from Sears. I've said before that I usually prefer fresh flowers, but these passed my 'real enough looking' test :) The pumpkin and squash are from the dollar store ($5.00 for a mixed bag of 6), as was the piece of mirror ($4.00). The diamond paperweight was a Homesense find, 3 for $9.99 I believe. I absolutely love anything mirrored and crystal. The leaves: free! ;)

I finally decided where I wanted this mirror and my lovely boyfriend hung it (and the shelf beneath) for me! It was from Homesense for $16.00. Absolutely no flaws; I suppose it just wasn't selling. The shelf was also Homesense, on sale (don't remember the price) as it was chipped, but a little paint fixed that :) The candlestick holder was a gift from my mom when we were scavenging at The Salvation Army. Small decorative diamonds, $12.99 for 24, also Homesense. Small bird candle was from a store called the Loonie Bin in Vancouver, and it was a whopping 25¢! Pinecone: free!

And here's a look at the start of our lovely new HUGE (comparing to our old shoebox) living room:

JUST FOR LAUGHS: I found this old picture of the very first month Tristan and I lived in our very first apartment. DON'T JUDGE ME!! We had nothing and no money to do anything yet! This is simply to show how far we've come.

Oh... my... god.

The funniest part of this to me is... we have not replaced that couch, chair or coffee table. Just goes to show that hand-me-down furniture from family and friends doesn't have to look like hand-me-down furniture if you know what to do with it!

Here it was in later years:

(we found a slipcover for the couch for $40 at Walmart and covered the chair with an Ikea blanket for $25)

As I mentioned before, the living room was a shoebox. I was actually standing in the middle of the kitchen when I took this. Where that white dining chair and armchair meet was the beginning of the living room.

So that concludes my little walk down nostalgia alley. The sad part is, I thought I would be embarrassed posting that AWFUL picture, but instead it's made me sentimental and homesick for that little place!

Anyhow, I hope you enjoyed/got ideas from the first few photos!

Love, Jamie

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