Sunday, November 27, 2011

Crafting With Jamie: Holiday Banner

A few days ago I was browsing a decor store, and saw a really sweet holiday banner. I almost bought it, but thought to myself, 'Waaaait, I could make this!'

Here is what you will need:

scrapbooking paper
double sided tape
scotch tape
household cardboard
+ anything else you want!

First, decide where you want it, how big you want it, etc. Then you can start by drawing your letters on the cardboard. This is where having a ruler comes in handy! If you have any double letters in your phrase, it's easier to just draw one of the letters, cut it out and use it to trace a second identical one.

Here are my cardboard letters and the paper I chose:

Next, trace your letters onto your paper. Remember: trace some of the letters on backwards or the paper will be backwards! Silliest yet easiest mistake to make. The S taught me that. When you're done, use the double sided tape to secure the paper to the cardboard. Use the scotch tape to attach the twine to the backs of the letters. Again, easy mistakes can be made here so be sure you're not taping anything in the wrong order! My 'HAPPY' was 'YPPAH' before I realised my mistake.

Here we are:

I really like how it turned out. While I was doing that, Tristan was also getting into the spirit of things by making the paper snowflakes and paper chains (in the shapes of angels, snowmen and stars) I'm sure we all remember from childhood. After seeing some of the gorgeous designs he was churning out, I was excited to try my hand at it too. Then I created the most pathetic of all snowflakes (I'm not even posting a picture) and decided to leave it to the master.

This is one of my favorites.

Happy crafting!

Love, Jamie

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