Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Apartment In Red & White

I love the simple look of red and white at Christmas. I love using colors that aren't typical around the holidays (turquoise and purple anyone?), but red and white are so traditionally lovely.

I put a white votive candle in a glass holder, surrounded it with white rose petals and scattered them with loose cranberries. So pretty! BUT. Let me be clear here: if you do this, do NOT light the candle! It is PURELY decorative! Can we say 'fire hazard' anyone?

Another example of the cranberries and petals. I bought these faux (faux always sounds better than fake doesn't it?) cranberries a couple years ago at a dollar store. They have a little wire attached (for wrapping around tree branches I assumed; that's what I did with most of them), so with some of them I just wrapped them around eachother and scattered them on the dining table. Just make sure the wires are mostly covered!

Or you could twist them into a circle and wrap around a candle holder like I did here.

 Feel free to leave a comment and tell me what you think!

Love, Jamie

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Lili D! said...

I'm leaving a comment that I think you're brilliant and I'm happy for you. _lili