Thursday, October 06, 2011

Hello Kelowna!

We're finally here! Unfortunately this won't be a long post, as I haven't taken any photos yet, but it's been quite awhile and I've been itching to update. Hopefully tonight I will be sharing some pictures!! Let me tell you, this apartment is a palace compared to our first place (basement suite - I severely dislike basement suites). Unfortunately I was so scatterbrained on moving day that I forgot to take pictures before we left! I think I have some veeery old ones from when we first moved in (3 years ago! Don't judge me on those photos, I knew nothing back then!!) that can be used for comparison. Moving day did go well though, we were quite organized and kept relatively on schedule, aside from a 45 minute wait for our former landlord to give us our deposit back. So it was a smooth transition, just as I'd hoped! Anyways, just wanted to say I am so happy to be back, and cannot WAIT to give a virtual tour on here!!

Love, Jamie

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