Thursday, October 13, 2011

Apartment Views

So, I may have fibbed a little bit in my last post! It has been pretty hectic around here, first and foremost that the house is still in shambles, and not looking how I want it one bit, which makes a home decorating blogger very uninspired. We have decided to ask our landlord if we can paint, which is a longshot but a hopeful one! Off white walls are just so very boring. I'm considering a deep blue, as I have always gravitated towards blue decor. In the meantime, I will show you the view from our (very big) living room picture window.

I think the picture speaks for itself! Considering our old living room view was the side of a house that was so close I could poke it with a stick, this is heavenly! I'm still getting used to how bright this place is every day. Before I go I want to show off something I'm very excited about. When we lived at the old place, I went into the garden one day and cut some branches from a bush to put on my window sill. What suprised me was that the branches began to grow roots! I've seen other people do that but I didn't even intend to, so I was overjoyed, because that meant I got to bring a little piece of our old place with us. As much as I say I hated it, I will miss it very much. It was our first place together and it will ALWAYS be special to me.

I'm so proud! What I'm really excited about is that there are little leaves beginning to sprout among the roots! I'm not sure if I'm supposed to plant these, or just keep putting them in bigger jars so the roots don't get squished. I'll have to research this.

Good night!

Love, Jamie

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