Thursday, September 01, 2011

When you hate the walls in your apartment..

Last night I was talking to my friend Kayla about this new blog, and asked what kind of problems she's run into with her new apartment (she's recently moved to Korea). She said she can't stand the wallpaper, and I realized that's probably a common problem with renters. I know when we first moved into our apartment (my landlord has since painted), our walls were terrible. So, I decided to do a little brainstorming/research. Here are some ideas:

1. If your landlord won't paint, offer to do the work for free if they buy the supplies. A lot of landlords are open to that these days, so long as they don't have to hire a painter or do it themselves. Landlords are supposed to repaint every few years so you might even be doing them a favor!

2. Go to a fabric store and check their discount shelves for inexpensive fabric in a neutral color or pattern. Make sure it's thick enough that any dark wallpaper or paint won't show through. Simply tack the fabric to the walls, and when you move you can take it with you. Just remember that when you hang pictures over the fabric, those holes aren't spackle-friendly!!

3. And last, the coolest option I found: removable wallpaper. It can run a bit expensive, but if you're not planning on buying a home anytime soon, this may be a good investment as you can take it (without damaging the walls) when you move. Do a quick google search and there are plenty of companies making this stuff now. Here is one site I liked:

I may try these sometime!

Love, Jamie

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