Monday, September 19, 2011

Recipes: Cabbage Rolls

As I STILL can't post any decorating tips, I figured I would share a recipe instead. When I was younger, my family would always go to my grandparents for Thanksgiving. My grandma would put out a delicious spread, and one of the things she ALWAYS made was cabbage rolls. One day when I first moved into this apartment, I had an intense urge to make them and try them for the first time. Strangely, I had never tried them as a child, so I had no idea why I was craving them so badly! I wasn't positive on the recipe, but this is what I came up with, and later learned was correct!

You will need:

1 small cabbage
1 pkg ground beef
1 1/2 cups rice (uncooked)
2-3 cans tomato soup (depending how saucy you like things)
salt and pepper

Super simple! Now, remember, I don't go by recipes so I just gave you those measurements as guidelines.

Here is my cabbage:
The water bottle is modeling just so you can see how teeny the cabbage is.
Cut as much of the stalk out of the cabbage as you can. This will help the inside layers cook faster. Just be very careful, I've cut myself many times doing this (I never learn).
Be careful!!
Put the cabbage into a tall pot with a lid, and boil for about an hour. You can tell it's cooked when you can push a skewer almost all the way through, and the leaves are yellowy-green and falling apart.
Uncooked cabbage.
Do NOT try to peel the cabbage apart yet! It will burn you. Remove the pot from the stove, and put it in the sink with cold water to cool down. Once it's cooled, peel it apart and put the leaves in a collander in a bowl to help drain the water out. When you get to the center that will probably be still hard, chop it up! You will be needing that.

Cooked cabbage :)
Now, while that's hanging out draining, cook your rice according to the package instructions. While that's cooking, cook up your ground beef, and halfway through, throw your diced cabbage bits in:
Looks like onions doesn't it? You can add onions if you like!
Once those are done, mix them together, throwing half a can of tomato soup, as well as the salt and pepper into the pot:
Now, it's time to make the rolls. Through trial and error you will figure out what works for you, and what sizes you like. You can wrap a few leaves around if you like, which is what I usually do (it helps keep them from falling apart). Mine always end up looking like this:

Into the casserole dish they go!
 Throw the remaining soup on and:
It's ready for the oven!
Bake them at 350° for about an hour, checking every once in awhile. When they're done, they will be dark on the tops of the uncovered cabbage and the soup will be thickened and bubbling. Now, uh, in my excitement after they were cooked I forgot to take a picture before diving in.. sorry guys!

*Now, you will most likely have cabbage and rice leftover, and what I do is rip up the remaining cabbage and mix it into the rice, then freeze it. You can thaw it, throw some soup on it and make a casserole later :)

Love, Jamie

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